What Size Of Backpack Do You need For A Perfect And Tension Free Travel?

For the people who has a keen interest in raveling or visiting different places, one of the most important and essential thing is to choose the right kind of backpack in order to make the whole trip a complete and perfect one.

However, not everyone has the proper knowledge in this regard. As a result, some travelers face a wide number of problems while going a trip due to select wrong backpack.

To some point, it is a fact that there are lots of people who don’t even possess any kind of idea about how to select the right size of the backpack needed for a trip. Actually, not all the time, you will be going for a trip consisting of the same number of days. For example, sometimes, you may go on trip which will last for 1-3 days. Sometimes, this duration can be increased, let’s say, 3-5 days. Again, you may go on a journey with your beloved friends and family members for more than 5 days. So, you can see that from where this confusion arises.

In order to help you solving this problem, we have come with this backpack tip article where we will be discussing about how much backpack liter you need for journeys consists of different number of days. In order to be more specific and make the whole thing more user friendly, we have divided the whole discussion into the following 3 sections.

  1. Backpack Liter for 1-3 days trip
  2. Backpack Liter for 3-5 days trip
  3. Backpack Liter for 5+ days trip

While conducting out research on this topic, we have mainly found about the above 3 types of journeys. In addition to the above sections, we will also give a little briefing about the right kind of backpack you must take for some other short journeys.

1. Backpack Liter for 1-3 days [30-50 Liters]

The heading of this paragraph clearly tells that this is the type of journey where you will be spending at best 3 days. For this kind of trip, the ideal backpack liter is 30-50 liters. If you can purchase backpacks which come within this range of backpack liter, then you can think of getting everything well organized for your trip. This kind of trip is also known as weekend trips since people usually go on this sort of tour on the weekends.

2. Backpack Liter for 3-5 days [50-80 Liters]

In this section, we will be discussing about the multiday trips which usually last from 3 to a maximum of 5 days. For this sort of journey, a traveler should go for the backpacks which come with 50-80 Liters of capacity. One of the most interesting things we would like to share in this case is that this is the kind of backpacks which have become the most popular one in the recent years. Actually, students and most of the travelers usually go for this kind of multiday trips. As a result, they mainly choose this range of backpack capacity in order to get everything well arranged in their backpacks.

3. Backpack Liter for 5+ days trip [70 Liters or, Larger]

Finally, we would like to discuss about the extended trips which basically last more than 5 days. For this case, you must have to remember the fact that you have to choose the backpack which is of 70 liters if capacity or even larger than this. As this kind of trip consists of many days, so you have to give concentration on the backpack liter otherwise you may face a wide range of problems while you are in the middle days of the journey.

Along with the above discussed types of trips, sometimes, people may choose to go on a short trip which lasts for a few hours or, maximum a day. You can choose backpack of less than 30 liters for this kind of short trip.


After reading the above discussion about the backpack liter for a variety of journey. We can confidently tell the fact that you will not be facing any kind of problem while choosing the right size of backpack for your next trip.

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So, good luck and enjoy your trip with your friends!

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