What to look for when buying a camping fire pit

With the number of products out there, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. If you can relate to this, you’ve come to the right place as we will be discussing exactly what questions to ask yourself before buying a camping fire pit so you can ensure you pick one that will perfectly suit your needs.

Does it flat-pack?

There is so much gear to take on a camping holiday and often you are faced with little space. Certain types of fire pits, like non-collapsible ones, take up a large amount of space in your car or campervan. Folding camping fire pits are increasing in popularity because they offer a solution to the space dilemma. You should opt for a fire pit with no more than 4 components that can be assembled and put away in around 15 seconds.

How much weight do you plan on carrying?

Weight can sometimes be a bigger problem than space because there is a legal limit on how much weight you can both carry and tow. Confirm that your fire pit won’t send you over the limit.

Can the firepit handle extreme conditions?

Knowing the construction of the fire pit is key here. For instance, you can’t put a 3mm steel plate through extreme temperatures as this will just result in the panels warping. You can prevent this by folding the top and bottom side panels to increase strength in the absence of extra weight.

Is the product versatile?

Versatility is a very important factor to consider when buying a camping fire pit. For example, if you plan on going on joint family trips in future, you’ll obviously need a bigger fire pit (for all that delicious food you’ll be cooking). Most of the time people buy fire pits without asking themselves if their needs are likely to change in future. Opting for products with extension kits is your best bet if you want to avoid running into problems like these.

Are the materials high-quality?

Some countries use poor materials when manufacturing their products. A deteriorating fire pit is never ideal, therefore, you should only buy from companies that use state-of-the-art steel. A firepit made from good quality materials is guaranteed to last a long time.

What is the manufacturing method like?

A lot of companies are stuck in the past and still use 1950s plasma cutting technology to produce fire pits. Although plasma cutting is not terrible there is more advanced technology out there like laser cutting for example. Laser cutting is quick and much more efficient. The results are more accurate too.

Are the parts lost easily?

High functioning fire pits typically are accompanied by loose fiddly parts that can be lost easily. If you are confident that you will look after these pieces, go ahead and buy a fire pit like this, but if you’re prone to losing things a fire pit like this probably isn’t right for you. Look for companies that sell spare parts otherwise you’ll be left high and dry when a piece goes missing.

To summarise,

Not all fire pits are created equal, and the main things to consider when buying a fire pit are weight, compactness, versatility, quality of materials and whether spare parts can be purchased or not.  

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