What to Take on a Camping Trip: 10 Must Haves for a Long Adventure

Planning on going camping soon? If so, you can never be over-prepared, especially if it’s a long camping trip.

Once you’re out in the woods, you’re on your own, which means whatever gear you bring with you, will need to be reliable.

If you’re not sure what to take on a camping trip or simply need to check your list twice, you’re in the right place. Take a look at our extensive list of 10 camping essentials!

what to take on a camping trip

What to Take on a Camping Trip

Remember, everything you bring, you have to carry. That means there’s not a lot of room for luxury items. If you’re planning on doing a long camping trip, you need gear that will save your life, keep you as comfortable as possible, and not slow you down.

Also, remember to put your camping trip in a customized calendar that your friends and family can see, so they know where you’ll be and how long you’ll be gone.

1. Tent

Unless you’re planning on building a shelter, then you’re going to need a tent. However, you need to make sure your tent can withstand harsh conditions such as rain, wind, and even snow, depending on how deep into the mountains you go. It should also be lightweight.

For bonus points, bring a tarp for extra weather protection for the tent or to keep firewood dry!

2. Sleeping Bag

Next, you’re going to need a warm sleeping bag that can withstand whatever conditions you’re planning on camping in. Sleeping bags come in all different shapes, sizes, temperature ratings, and weights. 

3. Warm Clothes

Next on your list of what to take on a camping trip is clothing. You’ll need so hardy clothes that will hold up to a few days worth of wear and tear. You can’t afford the weight of packing a new outfit for each day.

Use layering as a way to stay warm and/or cool and don’t forget rain gear! Also, make sure to bring extra socks, you can’t afford to have wet feet!

4. First Aid Kit

One of the most important things on any list of what to take on a camping trip is a good first aid kit. You never know what’s going to happen, so you must be prepared.

5. Secondary Pair of Shoes

Along with extra socks, on your list of what to take on a camping trip is extra shoes. Bring one extra pair of shoes in case yours get wet. Being stuck in wet shoes is a bad deal.

6. Water Filtration System

Next, you need some form of water purification. This can be a filtration system or filtration tablets. Regardless, you can’t expect to pack enough water for more than a couple of days.

7. Food

No matter what type of food you pack, it must be light-weight and calorie-dense. These foods are easy to carry and will sustain you for long periods of time. Try dehydrated foods, trail mix, and  MREs.

8. Knife and Hatchet

Whether it’s for cutting rope, making s’more-sticks, or filleting fish, every camper needs a knife. You don’t need a Rambo blade, but you should at least have a pocket knife.

Similarly, a hatchet should be on everyone’s list of what to take on a camping trip. A hatchet will be your most efficient tool for chopping up firewood

9. Fire Starter

Next, you’ll need a way to consistently start fires. We recommend bringing a lighter and dozens of waterproof matches. Fire is one of the key elements to survival out in the woods.

10. Flashlight

Finally, make sure you bring some form of light. This could be a flashlight, headlamp, or lantern. No matter what, never leave yourself vulnerable to the dark!

Be Safe

No matter how you camp or what’s on your list of what to take on a camping trip, remember to be safe out there!

Also, feel free to look through the rest of our articles for more tips and information on camping and outdoor life!

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