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How To Choose The Best Winches For ATV Step By Step Guide 2022

When you get ready to ride an ATV, you don’t just choose any winch. You want the best winches for ATV. Those that are lightweight, but durable.

The gears have to be strong enough to work with you, and not break on you. And no matter what, they have to be the absolute best winches for ATVs so that you can trust them.

ATV Winch is a device that is used to pull or retrieve heavy objects. They are mounted on the front or rear of an ATV and have a cable with a hook which attaches to an object. This can be anything from tree limbs, machinery, appliances, trailers, etc.

What To Look For in an ATV Winch

Winches are not only used to push ATVs, they are used in side by side vehicles to pull trailers. They are also installed on tractors, snow plows and other agricultural equipment.

When choosing a winch for your ATV there are a few factors you need to consider. The most important factor is the weight of the object you will be pulling. You also need to consider the terrain you will be using the winch in and the type of winch you need.

The next thing you need to consider is the type of terrain you will be using the winch in. If you will be using it on smooth, paved surfaces, then an electric winch is a good option. If you will be using it on rough terrain, then a hydraulic winch is a better option because they are sturdier and can pull heavier objects.

Types Of Winches

There are two types of winches: electric and hydraulic. Electric winches are powered by a battery and are good for pulling lighter objects. Hydraulic winches are powered by a motor and are good for pulling heavier objects.

Rope Material

It’s a skill that takes years to master. When choosing a winch for an ATV/Side by Side UTV, you need to choose a rope material; the most important thing is that you don’t want to use steel cable because it will damage your ATV or UTV.

Steel cable won’t be able to cut through the rough terrain and sandpaper like guy lines will. 

Steel cable can wear out quickly due to its weight. You need to consider the weight of your vehicle when selecting a winch for ATVs and Side by Side UTVs.

It needs to be light enough not to break down as quickly but strong enough so that it will hold onto whatever it is attached to.

The same goes for winches for ATVs (rear) and Side by Side UTVs (front). It has got to be durable enough so that it can hold onto whatever is being towed, even if it gets hooked up with an airplane engine or something else heavy on its end.

Pulling Efficiency

The pulling efficiency of a winch is determined by the following factors: the weight of the object being pulled, the angle of the pull, and the condition of the terrain.

The weight of the object being pulled is the most important factor. The winch needs to be able to handle the weight of the object without breaking. The angle of the pull also affects the pulling efficiency.

If the angle is too steep, the winch will not be able to handle the weight of the object. The condition of the terrain also affects the pulling efficiency. If the terrain is rough, it will be harder for the winch to pull the object.

You make the right choice for your ATV or Side by side UTV.

1. What is it that determines the durability of a winch?
2. How much rope do I need?
3. How much weight should I carry?
4. How often should I change my winch out?
5. How long do my winch cables last?


It’s all very well for some to say don’t choose a winch that is too big or heavy, or that is not safe. But when it comes to ATVs, the safety is a major consideration. It’s the same with side by side UTVs and full size ATVs.

When using a winch, there are a few safety precautions you need to take. First, make sure the object you are pulling is securely tied to the winch. Second, make sure the angle of pull is not too steep. Third, make sure the terrain is not too rough. Fourth, wear safety gear when using the winch.


Buying a winch is a major decision, one that should be made with some care. Some winches may seem like the obvious choice. They are extremely durable. Many come with features designed to make them even more user-friendly. However, other winches might be more suitable for its intended use, and may even be cheaper than their less-capable counterparts.

In this article, I’ll breakdown each of these three options from the perspective of a side by side (SxS) ATV owner and take you through four different situations:

1) The SxS owner is using an SxS ATV to go off road and need a winch that operates in both reverse and forward gears at once

2) The SxS owner is using an SxS ATV to go on road but needs a winch that only works in reverse gears at once

3) The SxS owner is using an SxS ATV to go on road and need a winch that only works in forward gears at once

4) The side by side (SxB) ATV owner is just starting out and may not have enough money to buy the top of the line winches known as “combi” models


The weight of the winch is an important consideration. Weight is determined by the following: the weight of the object being pulled, the angle of pull, and the condition of the surface. The weight of the object being pulled is more important than any other factor.

A winch can only handle a certain amount of weight before it becomes overloaded and ceases to function properly.

The angle at which you are pulling also affects how heavy a load your winch will be able to pull.

If you pull too steeply then your winch will not be able to handle the weight of your object. The condition of the surface also determines how heavy a load your winch will be able to pull.


Price is another important factor to consider when choosing a winch. Electric winches are usually cheaper than hydraulic winches. The price of the winch will also depend on the brand and the features of the winch.

Winch size and price are the most important factors for you to consider when choosing a winch for your ATV.

Every ATV goes through about 8,000 to 10,000 miles of use which means that it is time for you to replace your winch.

You have several choices to choose from when choosing a winch for ATVs and Side by Side UTVs. The first thing you need to know before buying a winch for your ATV is what kind of vehicle you have. You can choose from Winch Size, Winch Type and Winch Brand.

You need to take into consideration all these factors when choosing the best winches for ATVs and Side by Side UTVs.

Winch Size:

The size of a winch’s cable will determine how much rope it uses up in one trip, thus explaining the cost of their driving accessories like electric cables and mechanical cables.

Winches Brand:

The winches buy brands such as Cobra, Wildhorse and K-Trak are available in different types as well; manual or electric cycle depending on their brand of vehicles.


The winches clutch is what allows the winch to pull the object. There are two types of clutches: single and double. Single clutches are good for lighter objects, while double clutches are good for heavier objects.

The condition of the clutch also affects the pulling efficiency. If the clutch is dirty or worn out, it will not be able to handle the weight of the object.

How to Use Your Winch Safely

It is always important to keep safety in mind when operating any machinery. Safety precautions for winches are similar to those of other ATV equipment.

  • Always inspect the winches before operation. Make sure that everything is functional and working properly. Check the cables, hooks, pulleys, etcetera for signs of wear or damage.
  • Wear protective clothing when operating winches. Wear gloves, safety goggles, ear protection, and other safety equipment appropriate for the situation. Always be aware of what is behind and around you and avoid working near people and animals.
  • If you have a hydraulic winch: Before operating your winch unpinch the wire crimps on each wire lead and hook them to the collector rings of the winch.
  • If you have an electric winch: Make sure the batteries are fully charged before operating your winch or are properly connected to the winch.
  • Always disconnect your safety hook, power supply, and load line before connecting or disconnecting anything on the winch.
  • Before doing any maintenance on the winch, make sure that the power supply is disconnected so you don’t get injured by connecting wires.
  • You should never stand in front of the winch while it is spooling in or out. It’s also important not to hit the winch with any nearby objects because you could seriously hurt yourself.

Winch control is one of the most important functions for ATVs and side by side UTVs. With that said, choosing the right winch can be a difficult task. For example, what do you look for when you are shopping for a winch?

Let us find out:

1. What are the main things you look at when shopping for a winch?
2. What do you need to consider when purchasing a winch?
3. How can you make sure that your ATV or side by side UTV is using the right winch?
4. How to choose a high-quality winch?
5. What is the difference between good quality and cheap quality winches?

How to Install a Winch on Your ATV or UTV

In order to set up your winch safely, first you have to understand that an ATV winch is quite different from a side by side winch.

ATV winch are usually used on the front end of the ATVs such as UTV’s and do not have the same design as a side by side winch.

This article will go into detail on how to install a winch on your ATV or UTV and show you how to move it around should you decide that it is necessary.

Installing a winch on your ATV or UTV is not as hard as it may sound. Winches are manufactured to be tough, so you can go ahead and install the winch how you want it. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the winch.

  • The first thing you have to do is determine where you want the winch to be placed. If you’re not sure, just find an area of your vehicle that has enough clearance for both your hand and the cable. Make sure that there are no sharp edges near that spot because they can hurt or even cut your hands, which will make life difficult later on.
  • The next thing you should do is make sure any wiring is hidden. You don’t want to show off your new toy, do you? The best way to hide the wiring is to run it through the frame of the vehicle.
  • Now that you have determined where the winch is going to be placed and how you are going to hide the wiring, it’s time to start installing it. First, you need to remove the bolts that hold the bumper in place. There should be between four and six bolts, depending on the make and model of your ATV or UTV.
  • Once the bolts are removed, you can pull the bumper off and set it aside. Now is a good time to clean up the area around where the winch is going to be mounted. You don’t want the winch mounting area to look like it’s full of crumbs, so clean up any dirt or debris using a rag and some water.
  • Next you need to attach the cable mounting plate. The cable mounting plate should come with eight holes that line up with the ones on your bumper. Use the bolts that came with your winch to attach the cable mounting plate.
  • Now you have to connect the wiring from the winch to a power source. The place where wires connect can be any of five places: back of bumper, front of bumper, battery pack on top of vehicle, battery pack underneath vehicle, or near winch.
  • If you’re not sure where to connect the wires, just follow the instructions that came with the winch. Now would also be a good time to test out your new toy!

Note: Please be sure to secure your ATV or UTV’s frame with plastic around it before installing your new winch as this will help avoid damage to your vehicle.

The Best Winches for ATVs and UTVs

Winching is one of the most important aspects of side-by-side, and one which many people overlook or are not familiar with.
Sometimes a winch will be the difference between being stuck on the trail and being able to pull through.

If you get stuck, it’s very easy to panic and lose your cool. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you have a winch that can be adjusted in order to pull yourself out of trouble.

That means choosing a winch that offers you two different ways in which you can pull yourself out. For example, if your ATV has a winch that only offers one way in order to get out of trouble, then it would be better not to use it — as it would only just drag you deeper into trouble, making it harder for you to get out of there in the first place.

Or, if your ATV has two winches attached at once, then using both would mean using two slightly different methods — one for getting out the front door and another for getting out the back door. The same applies if your ATV has three winches attached or more. They all have their own specific uses and benefits – so choose one that will suit your needs best…


Winch selection is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make for your ATV or UTV. You want to choose something that will give you the most versatility and power to handle any terrain that you may encounter.

Power is essential in any ATV or UTV, but it’s not just about what kind of power it has – it’s about how you use it. For example, a winch that can pull hard when you need to, and release quickly for light braking, will suit your needs best. Power won’t be an issue if the winch goes into drive mode (locking the chain) when needed, or releases quickly when needed (to get out of a dangerous situation).

And don’t forget what space is available in your vehicle: there are winches that fit better on larger pickups and SUVs, so they are more suited to those vehicles than smaller ones. If you want something more compact, go with a rear-mounted model; if you want something more flexible (like front), go with a model with two speeds.

You also need to take into account the availability of the winch itself: some models offer accessories such as generators, lights and mirrors; others just offer the rope itself. All these features will play an important role in deciding which one is suitable for your ATV or UTV.

And remember: when it comes to choosing a winch for your vehicle, try not to get caught up in just looking at numbers alone – think about what kind of life it will bring your ATV or UTV and its owners! With this information at hand, hopefully this article has helped put some additional consideration into choosing up-to-date winches for all types of vehicles.

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