Women Who Hunt: 7 Reasons Why Women Should Try Hunting

Women Who Hunt

According to a recent survey, over ten million Americans participate in hunting every year.  In 2017, that number was 15.63 million.

Although men still dominate in hunting, the balance has started to shift in the ladies’ favor. More teenage girls are signing up for hunting adventures than ever before.

Hunting is slowly losing its masculinity and growing into a unisex activity for both men and women to enjoy. Many other cultures are also increasingly accepting female hunters and are actually encouraging more women to get into hunting.

Why is there a sudden interest in women who hunt? To help answer this question, here is a look at seven reasons why women should take an interest in hunting.  

1. To Kill the Stereotypes

For millennia, there has been a distinct rift between women and men. Even in the prehistoric period, women were tasked with gathering, while the men went off to chase prey. However,  as world cultures grow more progressive, women roles are being accepted in men-dominated fields.    

Women all over the world are already taking up the challenge of hunting. The hunting arena is slowly warming up to women hunters despite a few folks who are stubbornly reserved in their antiquated perceptions.

Having women involved in hunting goes beyond the hunt. Every woman hunter is a role model for young ladies aspiring to scale the ranks in male-dominated careers and industries. This is one of the main reasons why we need to see more women take up men’s roles like hunting – to kick out gender stereotypes and build inspired generations.  

2. Experience the Outdoors

Staying coked up indoors day after day can have profound effects on mental and physical health.

Many studies over the years have found a close relationship between the lack of outdoor activities and certain mental health conditions. Prolonged indoor stay without venturing outside can cause stress and anxiety. It can even manifest in physical health conditions like fatigue.

In fact, experts have coined a name for this condition – sick building syndrome (SBS). This is where a building’s occupant develops ailment-like symptoms just from staying indoors. SBS is a real condition that affects many people.     

Women don’t usually take part in a lot of outdoor activities. Hunting is an excellent opportunity to rip the benefits of the great outdoors. Hunting is a combination of thrills and a connection with mother nature.

3. Take Part in Conservation of Nature

Hunting may seem counter-intuitive as an effort to conserve nature. One might urge it’s about killing and not conserving wildlife. However, that’s not at all true.

Wildlife and nature conservation authorities control hunting very carefully. Hunting is only allowed during specific seasons and on specific animals. This is an effort to check the population of particular species and maintain the natural balance.

Proceeds from hunting licenses, training, and supplies are also put to good use in the conservation of wildlife and preserving the environment. 

4. Women Who Hunt Learn to Handle Weapons

In most cases, before going hunting, you are required to take a training course in using the various hunting weapons, including bows and guns. Although gun possession is a particularly touchy subject at the moment, it’s still essential for a woman to learn her way around a rifle.

In addition, you learn how to keep and use weapons safely. Most states include important ethics courses to go along with the training. Remember that weapons are way more dangerous in untrained hands.

As a woman, any skills in handling guns and other weapons are essential for home safety and security. With working knowledge on firearms and bows, you can shop now for hunting weaponry.  

5. Build Relationships and Bonds

You’ll rarely find lone hunters out in the woods. Hunting is usually a group activity; it could be a dual, a family, or a group of close friends.

As a group effort, hunting demands teamwork and collaboration. This way, hunting can be a great opportunity to bond and build relationships. You get to share the gruesome and happy experiences together in the hunting field.

If your partner or spouse likes to hunt, why not join in on the trip as a chance to bond on a different level, or a fun date out? It’s an awesome way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

6. To Challenge Personal Qualities and Strengths

Hunting is an enduring challenge that tests physical and mental strengths. Many hunters and fitness enthusiasts take hunting as an opportunity to push their limits. Some even deprive themselves of crucial necessities just to get their heads in the game.

Physically, you have to be able to trek for miles on foot while carrying heavy hunting gear. Your body has to cope with the punishing terrain and weather. Mentally, your endurance and patience will be pushed to the breaking point.

Hunting is often harsh, so it’s essential to take a survival training course before going on long hunting trips. Plus, you get to learn valuable qualities that could come in handy in the real world. Every woman needs her strengths, and hunting is one way to build them.

7. Put Organic Food on the Table

Nowadays, it’s expensive and difficult to get organic foods, especially meat. Many hunters focus on the hunting experience so much that they forget hunting actually puts food on the table. 

Women are particularly more concerned about the origin and nutritional value of their food. Hunting gives you raw, unprocessed game meat that’s not crammed with hormones, drugs, and chemicals.

The Takeaway

Women who hunt are not necessarily better than those who don’t, but they’re certainly happier, motivated, and more empowered to take on the world.  

Don’t get left out during the hunting season; put on the camouflage suit and break out the arrows and bullets. Don’t let your gender hold you back. Head out away from your comfort zone and share unique and memorable experiences with your friends and family.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not good at hunting on your first try — everyone messes up their first rodeo. Keep at it and take pride in the smallest achievements.    

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